Some tips on child nutrition

Child nutrition is a real problem that many parents face and they don’t always find the best solutions. The little ones are often reluctant to try new foods, and above all, eat vegetables, legumes, fish … They do not always do as much as they should.

About 1 in 3 minors in the United States is somewhat overweight or obese. And even with these alarming figures, parents do not always pay attention to their children’s nutrition.

Diet is very important for physical and mental development in young children and adolescents. Next we will try to inform a little of what a child’s feeding needs in all its growth stages.


This stage could be the easiest of all the development of the minor, since it is practically based on milk, either breast or formula, and the milk provides everything necessary until the baby begins to eat some solid food (a from 6 months).

The pediatrician will be the one who will mark the introduction of solid foods from 6 months of age. They usually start with cereals, fruits, crushed vegetables or strained purees with some added meat.

Preschool kids

Intake of foods rich in calcium is very important at this stage. Calcium is necessary for the development of bones and teeth. Apart from a varied diet, milk is one of the most recommended foods at this stage. Milk with cereals for breakfast, fruits, fish …

In children allergic to lactose, it will be necessary to look for some type of variety or supplement that will replace the lack of calcium.


With 6 or 7 years of age a healthy child should eat practically everything, leaving aside everyone’s tastes, he should be able to eat meat and fish, fruits and vegetables, legumes, rice, milk …

Protein intake is very important at this stage of development. Proteins are important for building healthy muscles and since this stage of development is large and the body has many changes, it is very important that protein reserves are good.

Preteens and teens

At this stage, as we have said before, the minor should already eat everything, but at this time when the children already go out alone and can provide their own food, it is important that they do not fall into an abuse of “fast food” such as pizzas, hamburgers, hot dogs …

Eating properly, a balanced diet and drinking plenty of water is the secret to having a strong and healthy body and developing as it should.

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