Myths about consuming dairy products

The consumption of dairy products is another issue that generates great controversy, even among nutritionists themselves there are discrepancies, with staunch defenders as well as detractors.

From a very young age we have been told that it is very important to drink a lot of milk to grow strong and healthy, but is this true?

What scientific organizations think about dairy products

Most health organizations do recommend taking 2 to 3 servings of some type of dairy product, as this will provide us with the calcium that our body needs and will improve our growth, our bones and reduce the possibility of suffering osteoporosis in one older age.

Myths about consuming dairy products

Today’s milk is no longer good, it is not like before.

It is logical that the higher the quality of the milk, the better will be the things that it will provide us, but currently all the dairy products that are on the market comply with European quality and health measures. The cows that live in freedom and eat grass have in their milk more omega3 fatty acids and a higher concentration of linoleic acid, but as we say, all the milk that can be bought is of quality and is good for health.


Why is man the only “mammalian animal” that drinks milk after weaning?

It is true, the human being is the only mammal that consumes milk after weaning, but this does not imply that it is bad. Animals are not capable of producing and consuming milk, only when their biological mother can offer it, but humans are able to obtain this milk and continue enjoying its benefits.


Proteins from animals are bad for health

It is true that it has been shown that the intake of animal proteins is related to cancer, but not only for milk, we would be talking about any type of food that has animal protein, meat, eggs, milk … And it would be in very high concentrations. high, any excess can be bad.

Plant-based and antioxidant diets have been shown to be very good for health and reduce the risk of cancer.


So is it good or not to drink dairy?

Yes it is, but like everything with a certain order and respecting the quantities. As health organizations point out, 2 or 3 servings of milk are beneficial for your health. From there any excess has some risk like everything in life.

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