Food supplements, truths and lies



We are going to try to clarify a little the truths and lies of food supplements, something that generates a lot of controversy on the subject of food. We will do it trying to solve the most typical questions that a person usually asks when considering taking these supplements.


Only athletes can take these supplements?

No, there are food supplements of many types, depending on the individual goals of each person will be indicated to take one or the other.


If you are an athlete, is any supplement that gives you an extra protein useful?

Although it is true that athletes need a great contribution of proteins, since they are the “gasoline” of the muscle, but it is not worth any. An expert nutritionist should be the one to indicate which is the right supplement for each particular case, again the personal objective of each one is very important.


Food supplements are used to lose weight or tone?

This is incorrect in both cases, as its name indicates are food supplements, its objective is to supply nutrients that complement what the body needs, but by themselves they cannot tone or lose weight.

If you do sports and give the muscle better nutrients, you will strengthen more. If you do cardiovascular sports to lose weight and provide fat burning supplements you will burn more fat than if you did not. But in almost no supplement is it capable of replacing sports or good nutrition.

They are non-substitute supplements, so to speak.


Food supplements make you fat?

Here we are as in the previous myth, by themselves not, but it is obvious that if you take food supplements with high caloric value and do not do sports that burn it, you can become fat. These types of supplements are designed for people who burn a lot of value in their training.

We hope we have helped answer some questions and remember that it is always wise to speak to a nutrition expert before taking any type of food supplement.

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