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2017 Early Career Nutrition Leadership Institute

The application period for the Dannon Institute Nutrition Leadership is now closed. Please visit the website in December 2017 for information on future programs.

"The relationship between diet and health is becoming well documented: we now know for sure that diet, when appropriate, contributes to good health, while the prevention of chronic diseases such as obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases … through healthy diet and lifestyle is becoming a key public health issue. In that context, Danone Institutes, by supporting nutrition research and disseminating relevant scientific knowledge on food, diet and nutrition, are more than ever at the center of Danone’s commitment to health."

– Franck Riboud, Chairman and CEO, Groupe Danone

The first Danone Institute was established in France in 1991. Since then, Danone Institutes have been established in several other countries around the world with the goal of developing programs which address local public health nutrition issues.

In 2004, Danone Institute International was created to develop large-scale international programs, to facilitate the sharing of knowledge and experience between local Danone Institutes and to encourage cooperation and collaboration with the international scientific community.

The mission of the Danone Institutes is to develop knowledge on the links between nutrition, diet and health, and to disseminate that knowledge to the public. To accomplish this, Danone Institutes:

  • Promote research in nutrition

  • Bring together scientists involved in dietary and nutritional studies with health and education professionals

  • Serve as a clearinghouse for information on all diet-related subjects

To carry out their mission, Danone Institutes set up concrete programs of action designed to address major public health nutrition issues. Danone Institutes are committed to taking a multidisciplinary approach that combines medicine, biology and the human sciences.

While programs of action are primarily initiated at the local level, some of these programs can be adapted and implemented in other countries. Danone Institutes also collaborate to develop programs with a broad international scope.

During their more than 15 years of existence, Danone Institutes have developed numerous local programs aimed at supporting nutrition research, informing and training professionals, and educating the general public.

To learn more about Danone Institute International and the Danone Institutes around the world, visit www.danoneinstitute.org or click on one of the countries listed in the box on the right side of the Dannon Institute website.